Company Overview

Starting from a hobby and passion for the culinary world, a pharmacist assistant Mrs. Ida Sartika Djoko, opened a homemade pastry business. Located on Dipatiukur Street, her business since 1987 was initially not have a brand. In fact, Mrs. Djoko’s product is loved by consumers, both for their own consumption, serve as a souvenir, or resale.

Guaranteed quality and taste pastries made ??this business survive. Since 2002, the business was developed by dr. Diah Andini Soerjopoetri, daughter of Mrs. Djoko. To develop the business, Dini  gave the cookies brand “Difa COOKIES” which stands under the banner of “Difa JAYA CV”.

In the hands of Mrs. Dini, the struggle of “Difa COOKIES” started from 2 ovens that belong to her mother and 8 employees. In 2007, “Difa COOKIES” grew and had 12 ovens and 90 employees. The production which was originally performed at the rear of the house was moved to the mini factory located in the hilly area of Bandung, Bojong Koneng Atas.

In 2010, “Difa COOKIES” again renamed, this time to “LA Difa Cookies & Layer Cake”. Pastries were mass produced, especially before Eid because the product was in a great demand during the holidays and other holidays. 9 original recipe of his mother Mrs. Dini successfully developed the business into 80 roombutter “LA Difa COOKIES” recipes and 10 kinds of generic cookies under the brand “Jiro COOKIES”.

In addition, the innovation is also happen on the packaging with the brand “Jiro PACKAGING”. Diversification aims to enliven the market so that consumers are not saturated and remain faithful enjoy the product of “LA Difa COOKIES”.

Product “LA Difa COOKIES” marketed through outlets and agencies, coordinated by our major distributor. As the products ‘home industry’, “LA Difa COOKIES” has a level of hygiene and sanitation is assured that the composition of the taste and quality is fit on the tongue.

In 2012, La Difa Cookies merged to 2 other brands, J&C Cookies and Ina Cookies. PT. Bonli Cipta Sejahtera was established in February of 2012. The purpose and objective of management is the incorporation of a roof to support each other and become a better company, than Halal PT. Bonli Cipta Sejahtera also implement HACCP as a food safety system that has been recognized by the international, in order to provide the best service and meet the needs of consumers.

Vision & Mission


“Being the leader in the food industry in Indonesia through a pastry business.”


  • Empowering communities and the surrounding environment in order to improve people’s economic
  • Penetrate the market that covers all segments of the broad range
  • Utilization of local raw materials are consistently
  • Forefront of both product and service innovation


Can not stop after the first bite!